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VTS has a reputation for introducing Unique and Innovative IFE Systems to solve airline problems

According to Andres Sierra, Founder of VTS, “Over the last thirty years we have listened carefully to the needs of our worldwide airline clients. Then our very innovative, FAA and EASA certified staff of engineers, designers and programmers have developed unique solutions to our airlines’ common problems, which most often have to do with improving and maintaining aging airline IFE systems at a cost that airlines can afford given difficult financial times and the fact that most of the aircraft with older systems are older, even end of life cycle aircraft.”

Some of the VTS better known innovations include:

  • First LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) IFE Video Projector

  • First to develop a full range of LCD monitors for IFE applications

  • First to develop a range of Video and Audio on Demand Systems

  • First IFE Digital Video Player (DVP) to replace conventional videotape

  • First true plug & play, slide in/slide out; digital replacements for all videotape players brands

  • First inexpensive, broken or old seat back retrofit and upgrade solution

  • First most affordable and easiest to install Video Streaming System


A history of worldwide reliability with many loyal and long term (15-20 year) Airline Clients

  • The Company has a long list of repeat customers are airlines, who turn to VTS to design, manufacture, certify and install innovative VTS systems or maintain, upgrade or retrofit older in-flight entertainment systems adding significant quality in years of extended life.

  • When you have some airlines for 15+ years, you get to know a lot about maintaining older systems and airline needs with regards to maintaining entertainment with quality, affordable and practical solutions.

  • Airline client endorsements and referrals are plentiful and readily available. Recently one long term airline client with videotape player problems turned to VTS, who upgraded the system to modern digital drives. That airline with 180 VTS DVP units on 17 aircraft has “Documented that switching from videotape to DVP Digital caused a $1 Million annual savings on videotape maintenance” and that does not include the savings from the videotape logistics and replacement expense.

Our humble beginings

VTS is an off-shoot of Inflight Services Inc. the company that pioneered and was the very first to install a movie entertainment system on board a commercial aircraft about 50 years ago. Inflight was for many years the main supplier of entertainment systems to the airline industry. When Inflight ceased operations at the end of 1986, the core of its senior technical staff joined in forming Video Technology Services Inc. (VTS) to continue supplying the customer airlines with advanced video products and the highest levels of service.

Not all of us go back to those early IFE years, but this same engineering crew at VTS started by putting 16mm film projectors and screens on TWA, Eastern, Braniff, Pan AM and 80 other great airlines around the world.

Some of those longer aircraft like the TWA Lockheed Super Constellation actually ran a single film through three projectors from front to back. That was a far cry from the digital streaming systems and high tech smart seatback monitors that VTS builds today. It is with the same purpose of solving the difficult operational, financial and competive entertainment problems of our loyal airline customers, which is a good formula for creating a thirty year old successful team and business.

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