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Moving Map at a Fraction of the Cost of the Competition

Sky-Track Moving Map is a fully integrated system providing an interactive passenger experience at a fraction of the competitor’s cost.


From takeoff until landing, passengers can immerse themselves in a completely customizable moving map displaying their trip progress as they travel.


Sky-Track's, fully interactive maps allow passengers to follow their flight in real time across the globe with 26 separate parameters.


Sky-Track delivers real-time flight data throughout inflight travel, utilizing an HTML5 browser compliant with all major operating systems.




Available data includes flight number, ground speed, air temperature, time at origin, time at destination, travel time, estimated time of arrival, and distance to destination.




System Display Options:

  • Satellite – photographic imagery, 1km to 30m resolution

  • Atlas – rendered maps with road/populated areas/terrain shading

  • World view – whole earth chart views with optional darkness overlay

  • Night lights – photographic imagery of the earth at night

  • Connecting gate – arrival gate, luggage and connecting flight information

  • Distance and direction indicator (DDI) – to defined point(s) of interest

  • Live news – typically text headlines and sport scores.

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