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In Flight Entertainment Streaming

Passengers enjoy entertainment on their own devices

A very affordable, super light-weight in-flight entertainment system that can be installed in hours and on any sized aircraft from commuters, regional jets to wide-bodies of any age providing the first entertainment system or IFE replacement/supplement system.

Now IFE airlines can have fleet wide IFE even on their smallest aircraft or cost effectively replace or supplement an obsolete system. The VTS Streaming system server and WAPs system weighs less than 20 pounds total and can be installed in a few hours without taking the aircraft out of service.

In Summary-

A Turnkey Streaming IFE System: Hardware, Certification, Installation and with optional Entertainment Content provided and refreshment service and passenger monetization.
  • Turnkey program: Hardware, software, content, installation and entertainment, promotional partners

  • Ultra light: Weighs less than 20 lbs., saving $50K-$300K in fuel/aircraft/year vs conventional IFE.

  • Small and ultra reliable: Server plus 3-5 WAPs (1.5 lbs each) for the cabin and an optional 4G/LTE gateway for wireless update of new content while at the gate anywhere in the world.

  • Equipment has solid pedigrees: All equipment FAA Certified

  • No obsolescence: Content delivered to passengers’ latest devices

  • No out of service installation expense: Installed at airport ramp overnight

  • No crew involvement: Automatic credit card processing and content changing with 4G/LTE cellular connection

  • Easy upgrade to satellite connectivity - The VTS Wi-Fi Streaming System allows for an easy upgrade to a satellite connectivity solution by providing the on board WiFi distribution function.

No Obligation ROM (click here)

Rough Order of Magnitude Proposal based on basic information provided

system options

In Flight PCI Compliant Credit Card Processing

Secure purchasing from passengers own devices; Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops or VTS Seat Back Touch Screens (where relevant) as well as an assortment of sponsors, offers and products to sell in flight. Purchases can also be made pre and post flight.

4G/LTE Communication Module – On the ground, weight on wheels communication anywhere in the world

The VTS 4G/LTE Communication Module allows for changing content while an aircraft is on the ground anywhere in the world without having to physically touch the aircraft for entertainment refreshment and other content updates (destination relevant content, newspapers, news, etc.

Separate Iridium Communication Module – In flight communication worldwide

Particularly useful for smaller message formats; credit card validation, tickets and destination reservation confirmations, product availability, etc.

USB Seat Power System

VTS has various seat power options including from a minimal USB seat power system that is affordable and light weight. VTS will provide a custom proposal per airline’s needs and aircraft type and seat configuration.

VTS Turnkey Entertainment Content Programs

VTS can provide contracting, packaging and refreshing entertainment and other content for any airline in various languages for airlines worldwide. This option can be an appreciated service especially for airlines without in flight entertainment experience or in house IFE entertainment staff.

We can also provision and frequently refresh entertainment content in various languages worldwide for airlines desiring a turnkey entertainment program.

This includes basic content packages; movies, music, TV Shows, Games, Moving Map with many other options including Magazines, Newspaper, Shopping In Flight with credit card processing and a variety of passenger monetizing advertising, destination advertising, information and fleet wide sponsors to offset any IFE program cost.

Turnkey entertainment packages can be billed per aircraft per month or per flight or entire fleet per month.

Customized Worldwide Equipment Financing Programs

VTS understands that although most all airlines would like entertainment to remain competitive, most have difficulty providing the expense for new IFE systems and their operating costs, especially on older aircraft. VTS has custom financing programs that any airline can afford.

​We will add this in flight processing and lease paying functionality later

No Obligation ROM (click here)

Rough Order of Magnitude Proposal based on basic information provided

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